Treatment costs

Our medical cost is the all-inclusive plan.
There is no addition of the charge.
I can pay by installments. Please feel free to contact me.
※I can pay in 12 installments.No interest. (I have to put down a deposit on dental treatment.)
※When you do lump-sum payment,The price becomes lower 5% off .

Patients who started treatment and book 2/2017 inspection and diagnostic charge 50000 yen (excluding tax) off. On this occasion we consider orthodontic treatment.

Adult orthodontics

General orthodontics Heartful orthodontics
nitial consultation fee \ 5000 Free
Inspection and diagnostic fee \ 50000 \ 50000
Equipment fee \ 780000 \ 550000 ※
Adjustment costs \ 120000 Including the cost of orthodontic treatment
Retention period \ 50000 Including the cost of orthodontic treatment
The total amount \ 1005000 \ 600000

Regular use orthodontic appliances ※ . All prices are plus tax.
The amount depends on the equipment listed below.

Orthodontic treatment for children

General orthodontics Heartful orthodontics
Initial consultation fee \ 5000 Free
Inspection and diagnostic fee \ 50000 \ 50000
Equipment fee \ 350000 \ 380000
Adjustment costs \ 120000 Including the cost of orthodontic treatment
The total amount \ 525000 \ 430000

All prices are plus tax.
The amount depends on the equipment listed below.

Regular bracket

It is a strong, low cost metal orthodontic appliance. There is a disadvantage that it stands out.
Treatment costs 550000 yen (tax not included)

Clear bracket

目立たない矯正装置「クリアブラケット」It is a sapphire bracket with transparency like crystals and excellent aesthetic properties.
The orthodontic itself is inconspicuous.
Treatment costs 680000 yen (tax not included)


治療期間を短縮できる装置「クリッピー」It is an unnoticeable correction device made of ceramic. It is a correction device called a self-game
The treatment period can be shortened from about 3 months to 6 months. You can also
lighten pain during treatment.
Treatment costs 720000 yen (tax not included)

Lingual brackets

見えない矯正装置「リンガルブラケット」Lingual brackets is an orthodontic appliance that is attached from the back of the tooth.
It is an invisible orthodontic appliance from the outside.
Treatment costs 1170000 yen (tax not included)



見えない矯正装置「ハーフリンガル」Haflinger is an orthodontic treatment where the upper jaw whose correction device is conspicuous is
a lingual bracket and the lower jaw is used with a clear bracket where the correction device
is not so noticeable. There is an advantage that the cost is cheaper than Lingual treatment.
Treatment costs 950000 yen (tax not included)


Orthodontic mouthpiece.

マウスピース矯正「インビザライン」Invisaline is an orthodontic treatment using a transparent mouthpiece type device.
Of course, there are merits such as being inconspicuous, of being removable,
of reducing the number of hospital visits.
Treatment costs 890000 yen (tax not included)


Mini-implant orthodontics

%e3%82%a4%e3%83%b3%e3%83%97%e3%83%a9%e3%83%b3%e3%83%88%e7%9f%af%e6%ad%a31I embed a small implant made for orthodontic fixation in the chin bone.
Since you can move teeth in a short time, you can cut the correction period drastically.
Additional fee is applied to the below option.
Treatment cost piece jaw 25000 yen (tax excluded)
Vertical 50000 yen (tax excluded)


Partial straightening cost

To partial correction in wire straightening and moving teeth one area about 30000 yen.
Approximately 50000 Yen will be around 1 orthodontic mouthpiece partially the straightening
and moving teeth.
* Usually has only one move is very rare, 3 degree tend to patients must be moved.
In that case, wire straightening 100000 JPY in orthodontic mouthpiece approximately 150000 yen.
* Move when you have a wire from the other side tooth area approximately 50000 yen.

Orthodontic treatment for children

お子様の矯正治療This is the cost of total’s teeth.
Orthodontic treatment is the treatment working closely with parent and child.
To cooperate with parent and child does not end in one month or two months,
and then becomes important.
Treatment costs 380000 yen (tax not included)-

If you just add an expense

Devices (bracket) again removed during orthodontic treatment.
Habit is causing the ice to eat, eating strong adhesive force,
will touch more than necessary (Hi-chew, mochi, etc.) is almost there.
You cure that habit from the 4th stray equipment in the hospital, also offers free of charge up to 3 times,
but also to our fixed cost of \ 3500 per.
During the treatment period came more than two months in hospital
if no additional month treatment fee applies.
Come Academy depending on the time period was not per month per minute
about 5000 Yen extra without recurring fees will be. To accompany the patient stay does not go ahead, contact will be provided from the hospital so please help us.
therwise an additional cost that is not.
Treatment requires patient cooperation orthodontic treatment treatment some time,
so it is. Please note that you will incur the additional costs above 2 points only.

Greeting A

Welcome to my homepage.
Thank you for seeing the home page of Heartful Dental /Orthodontic Dentistry.
Welcome to Foreigners living in the suburbs of Osaka. It is Dr. Okamoto, the director. I have been involved in orthodontic treatment for 44 years.
Corrective treatment is not only tooth alignment, it is a wonderful thing that is healthy and beautiful. It is very important that tooth alignment is beautiful overseas. We are proposing orthodontic treatment according to the patient’s desire. If you are interested in orthodontic treatment even if you are interested in anything, please contact your heart lightly orthodontically lightly. I would like to have good feeling and feeling of orthodontic treatment in multidirectional to include in cost. All the staff look forward to the day we can meet you.
I am thinking about getting a wonderful smile.

English correspondence

   We support medical treatment in English.

Cheap treatment costs

   Our medical cost is the all-inclusive plan.Dental treatment can be provided at low cost.

Shorter therapy period

   Because we are doing laboratory work in the hospital, we can start treatment earlier.
   I try to make the treatment period as short as possible.

Excellent doctor

   I have been involved in orthodontic treatment for 44 years。
   I performed approximately 5,300 correction treatment.

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